Refund policy


Before you buy a plant from us please note:

Plants are living things, so we cannot 100% guarantee any plant will thrive in your space.

We work hard to choose the healthiest plants, but once the plant is delivered to you, we cannot be responsible for its behaviour. If you see any signs of distress, please contact us right away, so we can help you. Above all, make sure you’re ready for plant parenthood. Your plant relies on you to give it healthy living conditions. We’re here to help — and provide answers to your questions — but, at the end of the day, you’re the plant’s guardian. And your plant can’t survive without your love and care.

Things to know before you buy a plant(s):

Plants are living and perishable, and just like any living things require proper environment and care.

Our job is to choose the healthiest and best-looking plant(s) for you.

We guarantee that all of our plants are in healthy condition free from visible pests and disease at the time of sale. Once a plant is delivered to you it is beyond our control, and we cannot be responsible for a plant behaviour.

Remember watering frequency and the correct care routine will vary depending on temperature, air circulation, light and humidity in a space. Please research the care of your plant prior to ordering.

All plants go through acclimation period after being delivered and during major season changes. Some lower leaves might turn yellow or brown, plant might drop some leaves during these periods.

Make sure your plant is not placed near Heat or AC sources. It is best to keep consistent room temperature throughout the seasons and not turn off Heat or AC when away or traveling.

Returns Policy

We guarantee our plants for a period of 10 days after delivery, providing the plants have not been removed from the original pot and substrate. This 10 day guarantee also covers you against pests, fungus or other disease on all plants sold at our shop.

We do not compensate damage that is considered to be reasonable transit stress, for example:

  • Minor folds or tears in leaves
  • A proportionally small loss in foliage compared to the size of plant.
  • Browning of white areas on variegated plants.

There should be no root disturbance or any cutting of the plant for a minimum of 10 days after receipt. Failure to adhere to this process will render our guarantee null and void.

If you are unhappy with your order we kindly ask that you contact us at and provide images of the plant within 10 days of delivery. You will be required to ship the plant in the original substrate pot and packaging back to us for a full cash refund.

A cash refund is only ever at our discretion. Declining a replacement plant will directly affect the amount we refund by 50%

Purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

We do not accept returns of plants in inadequate packaging such as envelopes or boxes that are too small for the plant.

We kindly ask that you do not ship plants to us in a manner that you would not like us to ship them to you.

We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of care before authorising a return and/or refund.

Refunds and/or replacements will be given at our discretion.

Any items reduced or marked at discount at time of sale are final and non-refundable.

We will not be held responsible for changes in exchange rate fluctuations. For example, if we received 20 euro from you on the 1st of May and a refund agreed on the 1st of June. 20 euros would be refunded irrespective of the exchange rate changes in your own country.

Refunds and/or replacements will be given at our discretion. Failure to adhere to any of the above conditions may nullify any claim