Variegation Categorization:

Plant Selection:

  • We meticulously choose a plant for you.
  • Each plant is guaranteed to be in a healthy condition.
  • Your plant will be equipped with a minimum of three leaves and will be fully rooted.

Variegation Levels:

  • Your plant's variegation will be comparable to the specimens depicted in the listing pictures.
  • Variegation categories represent a spectrum, with each category showcasing a range of variegation.

Variegation Spectrum:

  • While we assign each plant with care, it's essential to note that the least variegated plant within one category might closely resemble the most variegated one from the category below.
  • Listing pictures serve as an indication of the variegation you can expect.


  • By purchasing a plant from these categories, you agree with the selection we made.


Temperature Guidelines:

  • We ship your plant when temperatures in both Belgium and the destination country are between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Delivery is guaranteed within three weeks of placing your order.

Shipping Damages:

Living Being Nature:

  • Please remember that a plant is a living being, and minor damages may occur during shipping.

White Variegation Sensitivity:

  • White parts of the plant are particularly susceptible to shipping stress and damage.
  • There will be no (partial) refunds for browning caused by shipping stress.
  • We are not responsible for any additional damage resulting from shipping.