Philodendron Surprise Pack

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Prepare to be pleasantly surprised with our Philodendron Surprise Pack, a value-packed bundle designed to bring joy and excitement to your plant collection. Curated with care, this surprise pack offers exceptional value for your investment, ensuring you get the most philodendron goodness for your buck.

What's included:

A delightful assortment of 3 different philodendron varieties: Each one carefully selected to provide a diverse and interesting combination of colors, shapes, and textures. Let the anticipation build as you embrace the mystery of which philodendron wonders you will receive. The surprise element adds an extra element of fun and discovery to your plant collection.

To enhance your surprise pack experience, we have also included a complimentary totebag as a special bonus. This totebag not only serves as a practical tool for carrying your plant goodies, but also as a chic fashion accessory that proudly showcases your love for philodendron plants.

Embrace the element of surprise and let us provide maximum value with our Philodendron Surprise Pack. Uncover the beauty of three unique philodendron varieties while enjoying the excitement and satisfaction that comes from discovering hidden gems in your plant collection. Let this surprise pack be a delightful adventure, bringing a burst of color, charm, and immense joy to your indoor oasis.