Monstera Variegata Highly variegated pot size 19: now 99 euro instead of 129

Frequently asked questions is a B-to-C platform. We can provide an invoice of course if you are a business wanting to buy a couple of our plants for decoration.

If you are a small plant shop you can find our plants with the big resellers in the Netherlands: Waterdrinker and Nieuwkoop

If you are a large shop/reseller you can contact our wholesale responsible at

Most orders are shipped on the first Monday or Tuesday after your purchase. We do this to avoid that the plants get stuck in a warehouse over the weekend. If temperatures are favourable, we ship Benelux orders also on Wednesday as we are located in Belgium and shipping within Benelux takes only 1 or 2 days.

We always take into account the temperatures at our end and yours, and consider how strong the plant itself is. When it is too cold or too hot we will postpone shipment until conditions are better.

If you need to get your order urgently or if you are worried, please contact us:

The shipping cost depends on where we have to send the package and the total value of the order. The shipping cost is calculated upon checkout.



 € 0,00 - 99,99 


€ 100  - 149,99 

€ 5,00

€ 150 and up



Europe 1: Austria, France, Germany

 € 0,00  - 49,99 

€ 15,00 

€ 50,00  - 149,99 

€ 10,00

€ 150,00 and up



Europe 2: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Denmark


 € 0,00  - 49,99 

€ 20,00

€ 50,00  - 149,99 

€ 15,00 

€ 150,00  - 249,99  € 5,00 

€ 250,00 and up



Europe 3: Ireland, Latvia, Spain, Sweden:

 € 0,00  - 99,99

€ 25,00

€ 100  - 149,99 

€ 20,00

€ 150,00  - 249,99  € 10,00 

€ 250,00 and up




 Europe 4: Estonia, Finland, Romania

 € 0,00  - 49,99 

€ 35,00

€ 50,00  - 149,99 

€ 15,00 

€ 150,00  - 249,99  € 10,00 

€ 250,00 and up



Once your order has been shipped, these are the shipping delays for the different  countries are (in business days)

Austria: 2-3 days

Belgium: 1 day

Bosnia: 5-6 days 

Bulgaria: 4 days

Croatia: 3 days

Czech republic: 3-4 days

Denmark: 2 days

Germany: 1-3 days

Estonia: 3-4 days

Finland: 3-4 days

France: 2-3 days

Greece: 5-6 days

Hungary: 3-4 days

Ireland: 3 days

Italy: 2-4 days

Latvia: 3-4 days

Lithuania: 3-4 days 

Luxemburg: 1 day

Netherlands: 1 day

Poland: 3-5 days

Portugal: 3-5 days

Romania: 3-5 days

Slovenia: 2-3 days

Slowakia: 2-3 days

Spain: 3-5 days

Sweden: 2-3 days



We accept most creditcards and debet cards, as well as Paypal.

If you are having troubles with your payment, please send us an email and we will help you out. (

As soon as the shipping label for your order is created, you will receive the tracking info by email. Your order will be shipped on the next Monday or Tuesday. You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order reaches the first depot of the courier.
Yes we do, you can find it right here

At the moment we only ship within the EU.

We have tried to come back to the UK after Brexit, but despite all the work we put into it, it's just not possible.

For most plants you can get alerted by email by clicking on the "Email me when available" button.

If there is no such button you can require about future availability by sending us an email:

The best way to contact us, is through email:

If your question is about an existing order, please make sure to mention your order number.

Since we are a small team, it's impossible to have someone available for assistance through chat.

We work from Monday to Friday, emails are not answered during the weekend. Thank you for understanding!

Each category is a spectrum when it comes to the amount of variegation.

Highly variegated: lots of white, for more experienced plantparents, make sure you can provide these plants with plenty of light

 Optimally variegated: still with beautiful variegation patterns, but less demanding than the highly variegated ones.

 Lesser variegated: these are the safest choice when you don't have a lot of experience with houseplants and want to get a variegated plant at a steal. We guarantee that there is enough potential for future variegation in the stem.

We assign each plant with care to one of the categories.The plants in the pictures of the category are an indication of what to expect.

Don't worry, you can download the do's and don'ts right here.