Wetstick Package Monstera Variegata - 4 pieces

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We sell wetsticks when we cut our motherplants and we cut off more than we can pot ourselves at that time. The remaining cuttings are then sorted and the best ones with viable, well placed and variegated growth points,  are sold in the webshop. As we can't keep wetsticks for a long time, they must be shipped immediately. Please consider this when ordering, because when it's too cold or too hot at the moment of the stock release, chances are you will receive dead wetsticks. 

  • Some cuttings come with full leaves, others will already have with leaves that are cut in half.
    We do this so the energy goes into the rooting and not in the maintenance of the leaf
  • A damaged leaf does not mean that it is a bad wetstick
    usually wetsticks are sold without the leaves, we leave the leaf on so you have an indication of the amount of variegation.
  • The wetsticks don't have aerial roots.
  • the wetsticks are a mix of different thickness/amounts of variegation
  • We make sure to pack the wet sticks really carefully but we are not responsible for shipping damage.

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