Due to the heatwave all over Europe some shipments will be postponed
We will to ship when temperatures drop below 25 degrees
we are shipping to the UK again!

Frequently asked questions

Scroll down for relase overview of rare plants ;)

We know you are all very eager beavers when it comes to Monstera Variegata. We advise you to keep an eye on our Facebook/Instagram, we announce it when plants are ready to be sold. Smaller size restocks will be announced in our stories shortly prior to the release. Big drops will be announced in a post, a few days before the actual release.


We grow MV all year round, so there will always be more. There is a large stock of motherplants and when the plants get big enough, we propagate them. We only decide on which pot size we are going to use once we sorted the cuttings, so it's hard to predict what will be the result of future propagation. Our aim is to deliver high quality plants that are 100% ready to be shipped and fully rooted.

It's not possible to reserve a plant or to buy one through DM or email, please respect our decision in this. 

Here you can find some preliminary expected release dates for Monstera Variegata and other rare plants, please don't pin us down on them, as nature can't be forced. Especially for the plants that we propagate from stem cuttings (pot size 12-13), it can take months longer than first expected as a whole new plant needs to grow.

 Monstera Variegata:

potsize 12/13 - extra white - available

potsize 12/13 - highly variegated - available

potsize 12/13 - normal variegated - 21/07

potsize 17 - highly variegated - available

potsize 17 - normal variegated - available

potsize 19 - highly variegated - available

potsize 19 - normal variegated - available

potsize 21 - highly variegated - September

potsize 21 - normal variegated - September

Philodendron Melanochrysum:


Philodendron Gloriosum:


Philodendron Brandtianum:


Syngonium Variegata Albo:


Philodendron Florida Ghost:


As we sell out pretty quickly and scaling up takes years, it is not possible for us to sell and ship outside of Europe at the moment.

We are still struggling to get back to shipping to the UK, thank you for your patience!


The shipping cost depends on where we have to send the package and the total value of the order. The shipping cost is calculated upon checkout.


35 euro flatrate, including phytosanitary certificate and import duties

Volume surcharge of plants of 100 cm and bigger of 20 euro



 € 0,00 - 99,99 

€7,50 + VAT

€ 100  - 149,99 

€ 5,00+ VAT

€ 150 and up



Europe 1: Austria, France, Germany

 € 0,00  - 49,99 

€ 15,00 + VAT

€ 50,00  - 149,99 

€ 14,04 + VAT

€ 150,00 and up



Europe 2: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Denmark


 € 0,00  - 49,99 

€ 20,00 + VAT

€ 50,00  - 149,99 

€ 15,00 + VAT

€ 150,00  - 249,99  € 5,00 + VAT

€ 250,00 and up



Europe 3: Ireland, Latvia, Spain, Sweden:

 € 0,00  - 99,99

€ 25,00 + VAT

€ 100  - 149,99 

€ 20 + VAT

€ 150,00  - 249,99  € 5,00 + VAT

€ 250,00 and up




 Europe 4: Estonia, Finland, Romania

 € 0,00  - 49,99 

€ 35,00 + VAT

€ 50,00  - 149,99 

€ 15,00 + VAT

€ 150,00  - 249,99  € 10,00 + VAT

€ 250,00 and up



We only allow orders through the webshop, not by telephone, email or messenger. The simple reason is that all orders that don’t follow the normal process are posing to be at a higher risk for human error, and they involve a lot of extra administration.

Please respect our decision on that, we will as of now no longer reply to messages, as we are getting tons of them, and the answer is right here ;) 

We are getting a lot of questions about the option to become a wholesale customer (for MV). This is at the moment not an option we are going to explore, as we don’t have enough stock as it is.

We want to serve both you, our plant-loving community, and our existing wholesale customers to the best of our abilities.

Our loyal wholesale customers have supported us for many years and are buying mainly our green plants, and this by the truckloads.

Selling our limited MV stock to new whole sellers would be like sticking a big knife in our existing customer’s backs, and that’s not how we roll

We are sorry about this, we do take it as a compliment that so many people want to buy our plants, but it's just not possible for now.


For the EU:

We guarantee shipment within 3 weeks of purchase. Most of the orders are however shipped on Monday or Tuesday after your purchase.

We always take into account the temperatures at our end and yours, and consider how strong the plant itself is. 

If you need to get your order urgently or if you are worried, please contact us: info@plantlovers.eu

To give you an indication, these are the regular shipping days for the different countries (can be changed depending on the weather, the items you bought and the volumes we need to ship):

Benelux: Monday-Thursday

Germany: Monday-Tuesday

France: Monday-Wednesday

Italy and Spain: Monday

Austria: Monday

Scandinavia, Baltics, eastern Europe: Monday

Greece: Monday

For the UK:

We drive to the UK every 2 weeks at the moment. Cut off for every batch is 10 days prior to shipping as it takes roughly 1 week for us to prepare all the necessary paperwork.

shipment 17/08 - estimated delivery 18/08 - cut off date for ordering 08/08


Shipment 07/09 - estimated delivery 08/09 - cut off date for ordering 29/08

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Once your order has been shipped, these are the shipping delays for the different  countries are (in business days!)

Austria: 2 days

Belgium: 1 day

Bosnia: 5-6 days 

Bulgaria: 4 days

Croatia: 3 days

Czech republic: 2-3 days

Denmark: 2 days

Germany: 1-3 days

Estonia: 3-4 days

Finland: 3-4 days

France: 2-3 days

Greece: 5-6 days

Hungary: 3 days

Ireland: 3 days

Italy: 2-4 days

Latvia: 3-4 days

Lithuania: 3-4 days 

Luxemburg: 1 day

Netherlands: 1 day

Poland: 3-5 days

Portugal: 3-5 days

Romania: 3-5 days

Slovenia: 2-3 days

Slowakia: 2-3 days

Spain: 3-5 days

Sweden: 2-3 days

UK: 1 day


You can find a lot of tips and tricks in our blogposts and on our social media, but this is our caresheet in a nutshell:

Your Monstera Variegata likes

Very modest watering

She likes it when the soil dries out completely in between watering. There is also no golden rule like “once a week”, it all depends on her and the environment she is in, so you will have to adopt her rhythm rather than submitting her to your own watering schedule 😉

Medium light

Her big leaves like a lot of light, but no direct sun. So don’t put her close to a south facing window


Moisture in the air helps keep her leaves healthy. It will also avoid the white from getting brown. We recommend to aim for +60% humidity.


This plant loves to be snug in the pot. She will be fine in this pot until repotting season in spring, even though it might look like she is growing out of it


Your Monstera Variegata DISlikes

Wet feet

If the soil is not dry, don’t water her. Use your hands to feel if it’s watering time, not a moisture meter. When the pot is light, water, if not, don’t 😉


When water keeps sitting on the leaves, these will get damaged, and all the pretty white will get brown.


She catches a cold quite easily, so make sure she is not standing in a draft


 After all the shipping stress she endured, please avoid any extra stress caused by repotting or moving her around a lot