Snow White Monstera Variegata

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Release date: 21/06 at 12 pm CET

Unveil the beauty of exceptional variegation!

This limited batch of Monstera Deliciosa boasts a stunning level of white variegation, making each plant a unique and unforgettable addition to your collection. These beauties are perfect for experienced plant lovers who can provide the extra care they require.

While more white variegation is often desired, it can also present a challenge. To ensure long-term health, we ensure a healthy balance by carefully selecting plants with no two consecutive completely white leaves.

Plant Care: Monstera variegata with a high level of white variegation can be divas and require specific care. Not recommended for beginners. Full Monstera care instructions, including tips for high-variegation plants, can be found here

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Eastern Europe and Scandinavia


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Plenty of light to half shade
Add nutrition to every watering in summer, none in winter
Let the soil dry out between watering