Philodendron 'monkey tail' (fibrosum x verrucosum)

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Swing into Style with the Playful Philodendron Monkey Tail!

Indulge your love for the playful and intriguing with the Philodendron Monkey Tail. This captivating cultivar within the Philodendron family boasts a truly unique appearance.

Numerous heart-shaped leaves in vibrant shades of green take center stage, creating a striking and lush visual display. It's long, cascading stems resemble a monkey's playful tail, hence the name!

This philodendron isn't confined to a pot, so ideal to unleash your creativity. Train it to climb a moss pole for a dramatic jungle effect, or let its tendrils cascade freely from a hanging basket.


It's a collector's favorite: The Philodendron Monkey Tail's unique charm makes it a favorite among plant enthusiasts seeking an eye-catching conversation starter for their collection!

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