Monstera Deliciosa 120 cm

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The Monstera, also known as the swiss cheese plant, is a very rewarding houseplant.
If you place it in a (semi-)shady and sufficiently humid place, it climbs very quickly in height.

We've been growing Monstera Deliciosa Pertusum at the Plantlovers greenhouse for decades now. Our greenhouse is family owned and we are now the 5th generation of plantgrowers at work.

As opposed to most growers, we propagate our plants from cuttings and not from seeds. This means we can achieve big, fenestrated leaves right away. By adding a mosspole we stimulate the fenestration even more and we ensure balanced and full plants.

These plants are true eye catchers in every interior and as a bonus, they purify the air from smells and provide oxygen. The large leaves also evaporate a lot of water and act as a natural humidifier.

If the plant outgrows its mosspole you can extend it.


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