Ultimate Plantcare Package

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available as of 24/05 - pre-orders will be shipped on Monday 27/05

Take your plant care to the next level! Our Ultimate Plant Care Bundle gives you everything you need for a flourishing indoor jungle (and saves 17%).

Here's what you get:

  • Double the Mix, Double the Fun: Premium Mix and Chunky Funky Mix - these tailored blends provide the perfect balance of nutrients and drainage for all your plant babies.
  • Supercharge Growth: Our powerful, all-purpose inorganic liquid fertilizer gives your plants the fuel they crave. Watch them thrive!
  • Pottery Perfection: Stylish Decorative Pots in 3 sizes (17, 19, and 21) let you customize your green oasis. Function meets fabulous! 🪴
  • Climbing Champions: Two sturdy 80cm moss poles provide essential support for climbing plants, adding a natural touch. Grow tall and strong!
  • Pest Patrol: 5 Sticky Leaf Monstera traps keep unwanted visitors at bay. Peace of mind for your plant family!

This comprehensive bundle has everything you need to create a thriving indoor jungle. Don't wait - grab yours today!