Philodendron Gribianum "San Rafael"

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Welcome to our limited collection of rare philodendron plants! These extraordinary plants have been carefully propagated from our personal collection, resulting in a limited number of unique specimens that you won't find anywhere else.

Philodendron Gribianum "San Rafael" is a rare and exotic plant that features elongated and deeply lobed leaves. This unusual species is notable for its unique texture and striking appearance. The leaves have a velvety and glossy surface with a beautiful dark green color. As it grows, it can produce larger-than-average leaves, making it an excellent way to fill an open space. This is the perfect plant for collectors and enthusiasts looking to add something distinct and rare to their collection.

The plant in the picture is just a model – your plant will have its unique style and swagger!

1st picture: size for sale

Picture 2-5: details of motherplant

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