Philodendron Glorious (Melanochrysum x Gloriosum)

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Philodendron Glorious is a unique and stunning indoor plant that results from crossing two beautiful plants, Philondendron Melanochrysum and Philodendron Gloriosum.

As a result, this hybrid plant has inherited the best features from both its parents, making it a true standout in any space. This plant is characterized by large, heart-shaped leaves that have a velvety texture and boast a deep green color. 

Unlike other houseplants, Philodendron Glorious is low-maintenance and easy to care for.

Furthermore, it has the air-purifying properties of its parent plants, which makes it an excellent addition to any environment.

Bring a touch of glory into your home or office with Philodendron Glorious today.

Half shade to shade
Add nutrition to every other watering in summer, none in winter
Let the soil dry out between watering