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Save with the Monstera variegata starter pack!

The starter pack  pot size 12 contains:

- 2 lesser variegated Monstera Variegata, pot size 12

- 1 bag of premium soil mix 25 L

- 1 decorative pot, size 21

- 1 mosspole of 80cm

-  elastic binding material


The pot size 17 one contains:

- 2 lesser variegated (but big) Monstera Variegata pot size 17

- 1 bag of premium soil mix 25 L

- 1 decorative pot, size 30

- 1 mosspole of 120 cm

- elastic binding material

If you don't have much experience with variegated plants this Monstera is the plant for you!
Due to the high percentage of green the plant is in excellent shape to photosynthesize

These plants are lesser variegated but we guarantee variegation in the stem.

Check our youtube channel for instruction on how to repot plants with a mosspole:

how to 


about variegation and shipping
caresheet Monstera Variegata


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