Root Airflow & Oxygen Circulation

Root Airflow & Oxygen Circulation

If your chosen potting media stays continuously moist for too long (say it doesn’t require water for 10-15 days or more), it may need more airflow or you’re risking the onset of the dreaded root rot. This can be achieved with active air circulation (a fan) in your growing space, or by adjusting the potting mix to ensure better drainage. The addition of perlite or orchid bark will generally help you achieve this.

The substrate in your pot takes too long to dry?

If the substrate in your pot takes too long to dry, it can become hostile to your plant as stagnant or aerobic conditions are a breeding ground for pathogens and this is what causes root/stem rot. If you are new to the hobby the need for oxygen around the root system can be one of your most important learns. Unfortunately, we all tend to learn the hard way.

Newly acquired plants like the one you have just received are the most susceptible to rot and stress-related issues. And again, don’t assume that wetness is the goal, continuously moist and airy is the goal: not too wet, not too dry.

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