Fertilizer & Nutrition – NPK

Fertilizer & Nutrition – NPK

All plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and you can provide that with a standard inorganic fertilizer. We generally recommend reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizer by 50% from usual manufacture guidelines.

Beyond using a synthetic fertilizer, organic fertilizers include: bloodmeal (for nitrogen), worm castings (micro nutrients) and many fish based emulsions, all easily available online.

Calcium is a vital plant nutrient, responsible for strong cell health and overall plant vigor; it is also a non-mobile nutrient, meaning the plant cannot pull calcium from older leaves and use it for new growth (like it can do with nitrogen, iron and other key nutrients). All plants need a small but steady supply of Calcium during growth and in most cases Calcium is already available in your potting media if you’re using a high-quality mix.

Add Crushed egg shells for an added calcium boost.

However, if you’re using peatmoss or inorganic mixes like perlite/LECA, then the calcium levels can be insufficient and supplementing may be necessary.
We recommend that no fertilizer be given to plants in the winter season as many plants are in a dormant phase. However, if your set up has created almost year-round conditions you can continue to fertilize at a much lower level.

There is no need to repot your plant from plantlovers.eu until it has outgrown its current home. Our soil mix has been specially formulated to provide the essential nutrients your plant needs.

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