Philodendron Roseocataphyllum

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Welcome to our limited collection of rare philodendron plants! These extraordinary plants have been carefully propagated from our personal collection, resulting in a limited number of unique specimens that you won't find anywhere else.

Philodendron Roseaocataphyllum is a rare and stunning plant, notable for its unusual leaf color and shape. The leaves have a beautiful deep green color with a burgundy blush that gives them a strikingly unique appearance. The leaves are elongated with a heart-like shape and a wavy edge pattern that adds a mesmerizing effect. This rare species is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts looking for something unusual and incredibly beautiful to add to their collection.

The plant in the picture is just a model – your plant will have its unique style and swagger!

1st picture: size for sale

Picture 2-4: details of motherplant

Plenty of light to shade
Add nutrition to every other watering in summer, none in winter
Let the soil dry out between watering