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Anthurium Crystallinum pot size 17 - auction

Anthurium Crystallinum pot size 17 - auction

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4 new leaves under our roof, fully rooted, healthy plant

Anthurium crystallinum is a rare aroid part of the family of Araceae.

Most anthuriums grow a small leaf from the last developed leaf. This new leaf expands rapidly over the next 7-21 days, depending on the amount of water/light/humidity.

Anthurium are generally easier to keep in place with lower light although this can result in much smaller leaves. Since they are tropical plants they are used to higher amounts of humidity (more than 60%). However, they can still grow decently in a more arid climate (40-60%). Anthuriums prefer irregular periods of watering and like to get a lower amount of water once in a while.

Anthurium with more round heart shaped leaves are easier to take care for and therefore more suitable for a beginning plant parent. The ones with more textured and elongated leaves require a higher level of care.