Monstera variegata Lockdown Edition lower variegation- pot size 17 00348

Monstera variegata Lockdown Edition lower variegation- pot size 17

We pick your plant!

The following rules apply:

- maximum one order/person/address/account

- maximum 2 MV/order, regardless of variegation level

If you order more than once or more than 2 plants, all your orders will be cancelled and refunded.

The plant in the picture is just an example, the plant you will get will have at least 3 nice leaves and more or less the same level of variegation.

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible, we have to take into account the weather accross Europe and possible delays due to the holidays. We will always select the biggest plants that are available at the moment of shipping. If you pay by banktransfer, please pay within 10 days to make sure you will not end up at the back of the line. Orders that are not paid within 2 weeks will be cancelled automatically.

UK orders will be shipped on 21/12 and 22/12, if you pay by banktransfer, please provide proof of payment latest on Monday 21/12, so we can ship your plant before Brexit.

We pack as carefully as possible and will protect the plants from the cold as much as possible. Some shipping damage might occur though. We do not refund or replace plants that suffered normal shipping damage. We reserve the right to judge if shipping damage was excsessive or normal.

By buying this plant, you agree to the rules and terms above.

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