Philodendron asperatum cf

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Unveil the allure of Philodendron Asperatum CF

Add a touch of captivating texture and bold foliage to your indoor space with the Philodendron Asperatum CF. This unique philodendron variety boasts:

  • Distinctive deep green leaves: Featuring a beautiful deep green hue, the Asperatum CF's leaves showcase a captivatingly textured surface with a slightly bumpy feel.
  • Serrated edges: Adding a touch of intrigue, the leaves boast a serrated edge, creating a visually interesting detail.
  • Compact growth habit: Perfect for tabletops or shelves, this philodendron maintains a manageable size, making it a versatile addition to your indoor jungle.

Beyond its captivating looks, the Philodendron Asperatum CF is known for being easy to care for. This low-maintenance plant thrives with moderate watering and bright, indirect sunlight.

Bring a touch of the tropics indoors and add the Philodendron Asperatum CF to your collection today!


Note: The plant in the picture is flaunting some random variegation, it's not sick ;)