I just placed an order, when will it be shipped?

Most orders are shipped on the first Monday or Tuesday after your purchase. We do this to avoid the plants being stuck in a warehouse over the weekend.
If temperatures are favourable, we ship Benelux orders until Wednesday as shipping within Benelux only takes1 or 2 days.

We always take into account the temperatures at our end and yours, and consider how strong the plant itself is. When it is too cold or too hot we will postpone shipment until conditions are better.

Once a month we ship all UK orders, we group them because of the massive amount of paperwork and because the plants need to be inspected on our end and also upon arrival in the UK.

Next UK shipping: end of October for arrival beginning of November


If you need to get your order urgently or if you are worried, please contact us: info@plantlovers.eu

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