Take Your Monstera to New Heights: Repotting with a Moss Pole

Take Your Monstera to New Heights: Repotting with a Moss Pole

Convinced about the benefits of a mosspole you're left wondering how to best repot your plant using one. No worries here is our step-by-step guide!

What will you need?

  • A new pot 1 size or maximum 2 sizes up
  • Mosspole
  • Soilmix
  • Binding material
  • Clean and sharp pruning shears
  • Gloves (optional)
  • A small spade (optional)
  • A plastic cover to protect your surface and if you are a messy repotter
  • Leca (expanded clay)



How should you repot your Monstera?

Prepare the new pot by adding a layer of leca at the bottom of the pot.
If you are repotting 1 plant with a mosspole, place the mosspole near the edge of the pot.
Anchor the mosspole by adding a bottom layer of soil, also add some soil between the mosspole and the edge of the pot, to making sure your mosspole is put in straight.

If you are repotting several plants with 1 mosspole, place the mosspole in the middle and anchor it with soil all around.

Free the plant from its current pot. If the roots are sticking out of the pot cut them back at this stage. Next step is to massage the pot thoroughly working your way all around the pot and from top to bottom. Give the plant a gentle pull to check whether the roots are already unstuck from the pot. If this is not the case, continue massaging the pot until the plant literally falls out when you hold it upside down.

Repotting is very stressful for the plant, so please resist the urge to untangle the roots, the risk of bruising them is too high and a bruise is where an infection might start.

Place the plant in the new pot to see if the height is correct, if the plant is too deep in the pot, add some extra soil on the bottom. Once you have the correct height, place the plant and add soil all around the plant and the mosspole. 

Make sure you put the plant with it’s back to the mosspole. Check our youtube video to find out what exactly is the back of your plant. Only this way will it attach itself to the mosspole right away. If you put it against the mosspole the other way around, it will start looking for a way to attach itself with it’s back and you will end up with a deformed plant

Attach the plant to the mosspole with something that is not too rigid, like elastic twine or rope, otherwise you will damage the stem as the plant grows.

The final step is to water the plant until the water comes out of the drainage holes. Wanot to know more about your Monstera's watering schedule, read our article here

Your Monstera is now ready to climb to new heights!

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