SOS browning leaves

SOS browning leaves


You’ve taken great care of your precious Monstera Variegata and then all of a sudden, there it is, a brown spot. You start to panic because you are sure that your plant is dying.


Rule number 1: don’t panic


Rule number 2: check this list of possible causes:

  •  low humidity
  • leaves got wet and did not dry up quick enough (spraying or too close to the humidifier)
  • underwatering: did you forget to water your plants for several weeks?
  • overwatering: give your plant some new drier soil before root rot sets in
  • overfeeding: if you the concentration of your fertiliser is too high, it will burn the roots, it’s best to use only half of what is recommended
  • not enough light
  • stress from moving the plant (including shipping)
  • draught: also plants can get a cold, make sure your plant is far from the AC blast
  • thrips: check the back/bottom of the leaf, treat immediately if you see signs of thrips
  • fungal disease: treat right away with an antifungicide
  • sunburn: if the plant is in direct sunlight on a hot day, it will get burn marks within minute
  • temperature shock: sudden temperature changes
  • sometimes brown just happens to the white parts, you can try to prolong the life of very white leaves, but in the end they are destined to become brown


Rule number 3: don’t change everything at once when your plant is getting brown spots/tips, you will cause a tremendous amount of stress that will send your plant in a downward spiral.


If you are having a hard time identifying the problem, you can email us with a picture of the plant, and a description of the current circumstances.


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