Monstera Variegata care: The do's and don'ts to keep your plant happy

Monstera Variegata care: The do's and don'ts to keep your plant happy

You just got your Monstera Variegata but you're not quite sure how to take care of her? We've got you!
Find the Monstera beginners care guide below


Your Monstera likes

Very modest watering:
She likes it when the soil dries out completely in between watering.
There is no golden rule like “once a week”, it all depends on your plant and the environment she is in, so you will have to adopt her rhythminstead of the other way around 😉

Bright indirect light
Her big leaves like a lot of light, but no direct sun.
So don’t put her close to a south facing window (if you have low light in winter, south is ok, but do not do this in summer)
direct sunlight will burn her leaves, especially the white parts.

Moisture in the air helps keep her leaves healthy.
It will also avoid the white from getting brown.
We recommend to aim for +60% humidity.

This plant loves to be snug in the pot.
She will be fine in the pot she was shipped in until repotting season next spring, even though it might look like she is growing out of it.

Your Monstera Variegata DISlikes

Wet feet
If the soil is not dry, don’t water her.
Use your hands to feel if it’s watering time, not a moisture meter. When the pot is light, water, if not, don’t 😉
Read more about it here 

When water keeps sitting on the leaves, these will get damaged, and all the pretty white will get brown. When dust is setteling it's better to whipe the leaves down with a damp cloth.

She catches a cold quite easily, so make sure she is not standing in a drafty area (close to doors or windows)

After all the shipping stress she endured give her some time to get used to her new environment.
Avoid any extra stress and don't repotting her straight away or moving her around a lot.

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