Fertilisation guide for tropical houseplants

Fertilisation guide for tropical houseplants

The usage of fertilisers is important for the growth of your houseplants. In nature these plants can collect nutrients from the vast amount of soil around them but our indoor plant friends are confined to their pots and often need a little extra help from us. Like us, our leafy companions benefit from a nutrient boost to stay lush and healthy.

When should I fertilise my tropical houseplants?

The best time to fertilise your tropical houseplants is during their active growth period, which typically occurs from spring through early autumn. During these months, the longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures naturally stimulate growth, making it an ideal time to provide additional nutrients. Fertilise every two to three weeks with our balanced, water-soluble Tropical Houseplant Nutrients.

As the seasons change and daylight decreases during late autumn and winter, most tropical houseplants enter a dormant phase where their growth slows down. During this time, it's important to reduce or even pause fertilising as the plants' nutrient requirements decrease significantly. Over-fertilising during dormancy can lead to nutrient build-up in the soil, potentially damaging the plant's root system.

Always observe your plants for signs of active growth, such as new leaves or increased foliage, and adjust your fertilising schedule accordingly. This attentive approach ensures your tropical houseplants receive the right amount of nutrients at the right time, supporting their health and vibrancy throughout the year.


What fertilisers should I use for my tropical houseplants?

For your tropical houseplants, selecting the right type of fertiliser is key to ensuring their health and promoting vibrant growth. Generally, a balanced, water-soluble fertiliser that includes equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (often referred to by the N-P-K ratio on the packaging) is ideal for most tropical plants. These nutrients support leafy growth, root development, and flowering, respectively.

  • Liquid Fertilisers are particularly recommended for tropical houseplants because they are easy to dilute and can be quickly absorbed by the plants. This allows you to control the amount of nutrients delivered during each watering session, reducing the risk of overfertilization.
  • Slow-Release Granular Fertilisers can also be effective, especially for larger plants that benefit from a steady, extended release of nutrients. These fertilisers break down gradually under the soil's surface, providing a constant supply of nutrients over several months, which is ideal for minimising maintenance.



For plants with specific needs

High-Nitrogen Formulas benefit foliage-heavy plants like Monsteras or Philodendrons, promoting lush, green growth.

When using any fertiliser, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding dosage and frequency to avoid overfeeding, which can lead to nutrient burn and soil imbalances. Additionally, during the winter months or periods of low light, reduce the frequency of fertilisation as your plants’ growth slows down. This tailored approach will help keep your tropical houseplants healthy and thriving all year round.

Try our new Tropical House Plant Nutrients tailor made for Monsteras and Philodendrons!

Introducing the perfect nourishment for your tropical houseplants—our new Tropical Houseplant fertiliser with an NPK ratio of 8-5-6! This special blend is designed to encourage robust growth, vibrant foliage, and healthy root development in your indoor garden.

Why Try Our New fertiliser?

Our new formulation provides a balanced mix of essential nutrients tailored specifically for tropical plants. The NPK ratio of 8-5-6 means it contains:

Nitrogen (N) 8%: Promotes strong leaf and stem growth, giving your plants the lush, green appearance that makes them so attractive.

Phosphorus (P) 5%: Essential for energy transfer and photosynthesis, phosphorus supports the formation of new tissue and is crucial for root and flower development.

Potassium (K) 6%: Helps overall plant functions and immunity, reinforcing cell walls, aiding in moisture regulation, and disease resistance.

This blend not only supports your plants in maintaining their vibrant colors and lush textures but also bolsters their health from the roots up, ensuring a sturdy base for continued growth and resilience against pests and diseases.


How to Use It?

Simply dissolve the recommended amount of fertiliser in water and apply it to your plants every two to three weeks during their active growth period. For the specific instructions check out our blogpost about the instructions on how to use our fertiliser.

We encourage all Plantlovers customers to try this specially formulated product. It’s an excellent way to provide your beloved houseplants with the nutrients they need to thrive. Watch as your indoor garden becomes more vibrant and healthier with each application!


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