latest update on UK shipping - 07/07/2021

latest update on UK shipping - 07/07/2021

We are back!

We are still working on a semi trial basis, but we are confident about the process and the logistics we put in place.

For now, the plan is to drive up to the UK every 2 weeks. Dirk himself will bring the plants over to you guys and DPD will handle the distribution to all your lovely homes.

This means that you might have to wait a bit on your order as we will load the van until full, and any remaning orders will go with the next shipment. We might need to buy an even bigger sized van though!

The shipping cost, including phytosanitary certificate and customs, will be 35 euro flatrate. Unfortunately DPD UK has different shipping standards, and for plants as of 100 cm we will have to ask an extra fee of 20 euro (so sorry about that!)




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