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Repotting your plant

Repotting your plant

A common mistake is that new plant owners make is repotting too quickly. All our plants that we ship are perfectly fine to be left in the existing nursery pot for weeks if not months.

It is important to realize that repotting itself can be stressful to the plant and must be done in a timely manner.

You do not want to disrupt the root system and cause additional trauma until the plant has shown that it is stable on its own. Once the plant has fully adjusted to your environment, only then should you repot your plant into a container that will allow it to flourish. Use the type of soil and pot that is recommended for that species.

We generally recommend leaving your plant for at least a couple of weeks before attempting a re pot.

Usually when you buy a plant, it is a special experience. You may have invested a good deal of money or better yet, you may have been fortunate enough to add an extremely popular monstera variegata to your collection. So, while it may seem like a lot of extra effort, you have a duty to do what you can to can to ensure its chances of survival are high to enable you to enjoy it for years to come.

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