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How to take care of your Strelitzia

How to take care of your Strelitzia

This stunner prefers lots of sunlight and lots of water in summer. In winter she will go dormant and will need significantly less. whatever the season, she likes her soil to dry out before you water again. 
Strelitzia's catch a lot of dust with their huge leaves.
Such impressive leaves do come with a little maintenance. To get the best from her ensure to periodically wipe down her leaves. The odd shower will help keep dust at bay and allow valuable light not to be blocked. 
Did you know that the thicker the leaves of a plant, the more resilient they are in the face of underwatering? Just like a camel, they store water to tide them over when needed. 

Make sure to rotate the plant from time to time as they tend to grow towards the light, and if you don’t rotate, you will end up with a lobsided plant.

We would also recommend you repot your Strelitzia at least every 2 years, waiting any longer to repot can result in nutrient deficiencies and a root ball that will end op chocking itself.

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