Monstera Variegata Highly variegated pot size 19: now 99 euro instead of 129

Tips and tricks

How is a Monstera Variegata propagated?

February 09, 2023
When we make cuttings of our Monstera Variegata motherplants, we sometimes sell wetstick packages for people who would like to grow their own Monstera Variegata from a cutting.   How do we propagat...
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Thrips 101

July 14, 2022
It’s summer and with the hot weather and the windows open, thrips are making a comeback! Don't think they only come into your house through newly acquired plant friends, these little buggers are ev...
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SOS browning leaves

June 30, 2022
  You’ve taken great care of your precious Monstera Variegata and then all of a sudden, there it is, a brown spot. You start to panic because you are sure that your plant is dying.   Rule number 1:...
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