I just placed an order, when will you ship it?

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For the EU:

We guarantee shipment within 3 weeks of purchase. Most of the orders are however shipped on Monday or Tuesday after your purchase.

We always take into account the temperatures at our end and yours, and consider how strong the plant itself is. 

If you need to get your order urgently or if you are worried, please contact us: info@plantlovers.eu


For the UK:

We drive to the UK once or twice a month, depending on the order volume. Cut off for every batch is 10 days prior to shipping as it takes roughly 1 week for us to prepare all the necessary paperwork.

shipment 17/08 - estimated delivery 18/08 - cut off date for ordering 08/08


Shipment 21/09 - estimated delivery 22/09 - cut off date for ordering 12/09

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Once your order has been shipped, these are the shipping delays for the different  countries are (in business days!)

Austria: 2 days

Belgium: 1 day

Bosnia: 5-6 days 

Bulgaria: 4 days

Croatia: 3 days

Czech republic: 2-3 days

Denmark: 2 days

Germany: 1-3 days

Estonia: 3-4 days

Finland: 3-4 days

France: 2-3 days

Greece: 5-6 days

Hungary: 3 days

Ireland: 3 days

Italy: 2-4 days

Latvia: 3-4 days

Lithuania: 3-4 days 

Luxemburg: 1 day

Netherlands: 1 day

Poland: 3-5 days

Portugal: 3-5 days

Romania: 3-5 days

Slovenia: 2-3 days

Slowakia: 2-3 days

Spain: 3-5 days

Sweden: 2-3 days

UK: 1 day


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