On variegation categorization

We pick a plant for you.

We guarantee these plants are healthy!

Your plant will have at least 3 leaves and is fully rooted.

your plant will have a level of variegation comparable to the plants in the picture

Each category is a spectrum when it comes to the amount of variegation.
We assign each plant with care, but the least white within 1 category could come close to the whitest one from the categorie below. The plants in the pictures of the categorie are an indication of what you to expect.

When you buy a plant from these category, you agree with this choice we made and trust us to get you a plant that is worthy of the price you paid.

On Shipping

We ship your plant when temperatures both here in Belgium and in the country of destination are lower than 25 degrees and above 5 degrees

On damages 

A plant is a living being ;) so minor damages may occur during shipping.

Please understand that the white parts are very prone to shipping damage and shipping stress.
There will be no (partial) refunds for browning caused by shipping stress.
We are not responsible for any additional damage from shipping.

On refund policy

refund policy