Our plant nursery is a company that exists from generation to generation. After my father Guido, I am the fifth in line who grows indoor plants in the family. Where my great-grandfather had 250 m² of greenhouses around WWII, my grandfather had 4000 m² and my father 18000 m².

In 2010 we started expanding our company in Wommelgem. Where different locations used to be used, all plants are now grown in one location. Our new company went into production in February 2011. The focus is on a wide range of high-quality houseplants.

Our new conservatory was brought into use at the end of 2019. The expansion by 12,500 m² means that we now grow houseplants on an area of ​​33,000 m². This webshop now makes it possible for everyone to get our houseplants fresh from the greenhouse.