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Introducing a unique batch of Halfmoon-like Monstera Variegata plants, available for purchase based on individual pictures. Each plant is represented by a corresponding number, indicating its distinct features.

Kindly select the number associated with the plant you desire to acquire.

We want to bring your attention to the fragile nature of the white portions of these plants. While we take utmost care during the shipping process, it is important to understand that these delicate sections are more susceptible to damage and stress during transit.

Our team does its best to ensure secure packaging; however, some shipping-related imperfections may occur specifically in the delicate white areas. We appreciate your understanding and patience in considering these factors before making your selection.

Please Note: Some of our  Monstera Variegata plants may display thrips damage on their older leaves. Rest assured, these plants have undergone multiple treatments to eliminate active thrips. However, the damage itself cannot be reversed entirely. The affected plants are priced accordingly to reflect their cosmetic imperfections. Please consider this before making your purchase.

There will be no (partial) refunds for browning caused by shipping stress.
We are not responsible for any additional damage from shipping

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Eastern Europe and Scandinavia


€ 150 and up



Plenty of light to half shade
Add nutrition to every watering in summer, none in winter
Let the soil dry out between watering