Monstera Variegata Highly variegated pot size 19: now 99 euro instead of 129

When will you release more MV

When will you release more MV
The question “when will you have more of pot size X of MV?” is actually a hard one to answer. Not because we don’t want to tell you, but because we can’t.
MV are plants that surprise even us.
Allow me to explain: When we cut the motherplants, all cuttings are sorted according to type (top cutting or stem cutting), size and maturity. We then match up these cuttings with a pot size we deem correct (how big will they be when they are fully rooted). So how many plants of which pot size we will have in the future is really hard to predict as also the motherplants are heavily influenced buy the weather. When it’s dark for a long time, the leaves will be smaller for instance and the plants grow slower, needing more time between propagations.
When it comes to stem cuttings: a whole new plant grows from the node and we don’t know how much variegation this plant will have. These stem cuttings are always potted in pot size 13 (when our goal is to make motherplants though, the pot sizes may variate between 11 and 13) We sort these plants when they are fully rooted and ready to be sold.
If you ever tried growing a MV from a stem cutting, you also know that it may take months until some new growth shows. Top cuttings grow a lot faster lucklily.
All we can honestly say is: we WILL have more of the size you prefer, we just can’t say when. Good things come to those who wait 
We have been also getting a lot of questions about our wetsticks: basically we sell them whenever the guys who cut the motherplants bring me some. There is no way for me to know exactly when that will be.
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