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The Myth of the Half-Moon Monstera

The Myth of the Half-Moon Monstera

The half-moon monstera variegata is quite the rare creature.

Half-moon means that 1 half of the leaves are white, the other one green, like cut with surgical precision.

Allow me to explain how a leaf can be like that and why it is so rare. The variegation of the leaves is defined by the variegation in the stem. How this transfers to the leaves is determined by how the stem variegation “cuts” where the node of the new leaf is. For a perfect 50/50 leaf you would need a node where a perfect white streak goes through for 50%

As leaves alternate between two sides of the stem, there would have to be a perfect white streak going through the nodes on either side of the plant as well to get all half-moon leaves. The chance of that happening is immensely low.

Most “half moon” plants only have 1 perfect streak side, and alternate between half moon and often even green leaves. (So don’t panic when your half-moon puts out a green leaf, as long as it’s only one, there is nothing to worry about, it’s 100% normal)

A lot of you are asking for a half-moon plant, and as every batch only gives us a couple (that are almost never are perfect half moons), we just can’t satisfy that demand. If we have half-moon plants we will sell them in the auction section of the webshop, to give every one a fighting chance to buy them,

With mythical creatures, most of the time, come mythical flaws. Half-moon MV are prone to reverting, and might need to be cut back ever now and then in an effort to save the variegation. We always swear by the very marbled plants, as that is a really strong variegation that is not likely to revert.

The plant in the picture is not a perfect half-moon as amongst 1000 plants I did not find even 1.

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