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The Myth of the Half-Moon Monstera

September 06, 2021
The half-moon monstera variegata is quite the rare creature. Half-moon means that 1 half of the leaves are white, the other one green, like cut with surgical precision. Allow me to explain how a...
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When will you release more MV

August 06, 2021
The question “when will you have more of pot size X of MV?” is actually a hard one to answer. Not because we don’t want to tell you, but because we can’t. MV are plants that surprise even us.
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Caresheet Monstera Variegata

July 19, 2021
For all those who lost their MV caresheet and also for all of you who want to become a MV parent and want to be prepared, I am posting here the text of the caresheet:  Your Monstera Variegata like...
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Fertilizer & Nutrition – NPK

April 28, 2021
All plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and you can provide that with a standard inorganic fertilizer. We generally recommend reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizer by 50% from usua...
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Repotting your plant

April 20, 2021
A common mistake is that new plant owners make is repotting too quickly. All our plants that we ship are perfectly fine to be left in the existing nursery pot for weeks if not months. It is import...
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Watering Regime

April 02, 2021
The biggest killer of houseplants at this time of year and throughout to be honest is overwatering. We will touch on this first. Generally during the winter or more rainy months the ambient humidit...
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