latest update on UK shipping - 07/07/2021

latest update on UK shipping - 07/07/2021

A quick update on where we are at with regards to the offer of our complete plant collection old and new to the UK.

We have just about nailed phase 1. This means that soon we expect the green light where our new website and delivery partner will communicate effectively allowing for UK purchases to include all the new extra costs. This means the phytosanitory, UK VAT together with import duties and customs costs are all calculated and incorporated at the point of purchase. The advantage of this is that our plants are likely not be subjected to prolonged delays waiting for you the customer to settle the import duty costs with the courier before they release your purchase.

A short period of testing will commence over the next few weeks. As a business we could not in good faith take the risk of relying on customers to accept this responsiblity of paying timely or indeed at all. Crystal ball accounting would be a step too far for us especially as we are have been fortunate to develop more local, and dare I say it, easier markets due to brexit.

This leads us to onto phase 2, probably the most challenging one; We have been following over the past 6 months with great interest the relative cost of what you are able to buy locally in the UK. Competitors, private sellers, auction groups and ebay together have given us a good idea of the current market value for our plants. It is fair to say there is still an under fulfilled gap in the market for quality fully rooted and established plants more competitively priced. With this knowledge we are working on solutions to bring down the overall cost yet still make a worthwhile profit.

Now for timescales. We will be going through a period of mother plant creation across our varieties to ensure that we have enough stock to go around for the EU and UK. We anticipate all going well proper service may resume late summer kicked off with a giveaway! As always, show stopping plants at fair prices have been our goal from the very begining and will continue to be irrespective of where you live. Anything other is just not us. We know you miss us, we are humbled at your continued support and we surely do miss you guys as well!

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