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When will you release more stock of rare plants?

When will you release more stock of rare plants?

Scroll down for relase overview of rare plants ;)

We know you are all very eager beavers when it comes to Monstera Variegata. We advise you to keep an eye on our Facebook/Instagram, we announce it when plants are ready to be sold. Smaller size restocks will be announced in our stories shortly prior to the release. Big drops will be announced in a post, a few days before the actual release.


We grow MV all year round, so there will always be more. There is a large stock of motherplants and when the plants get big enough, we propagate them. We only decide on which pot size we are going to use once we sorted the cuttings, so it's hard to predict what will be the result of future propagation. Our aim is to deliver high quality plants that are 100% ready to be shipped and fully rooted.

It's not possible to reserve a plant or to buy one through DM or email, please respect our decision in this. 

Here you can find some preliminary expected release dates for Monstera Variegata and other rare plants, please don't pin us down on them, as nature can't be forced. Especially for the plants that we propagate from stem cuttings (pot size 12-13), it can take months longer than first expected as a whole new plant needs to grow.

 Monstera Variegata:

13 - extra white - spring 2022

13 - highly variegated - spring 2022

13 - normal variegated - spring 2022

17 - highly variegated - beginning of 2022

17 - normal variegated - available

19 - highly variegated - beginning of 2022

19 - normal variegated - available

21 - highly variegated - beginning of 2022

21 - normal variegated - available

Philodendron Melanochrysum:

spring 2022

Philodendron Gloriosum:

February 2022

Philodendron Brandtianum:

Summer 2022

Syngonium Variegata Albo:

Spring 2022

Philodendron Florida Ghost:

Summer 2022

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