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when are you available for questions?

August 06, 2021
When I am in the greenhouse I answer all emails as soon as possible. I don't have acces to my emails from home and I prefer to actually keep it that way, keeping my personal life work-free ;) Mo-Th...
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How do I take care of a MV?

July 19, 2021
You can find a lot of tips and tricks in our blogposts and on our social media, but this is our caresheet in a nutshell: Your Monstera Variegata likes Very modest watering She likes it when the so...
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How can I order your plants?

April 20, 2021
We only allow orders through the webshop, not by telephone, email or messenger. The simple reason is that all orders that don’t follow the normal process are posing to be at a higher risk for human...
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